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As explained in the rules, being a member is meant to be reserved for writers with a couple of stories ready to submit.  Anyone is allowed to submit a story, regardless if they are a member or not.  With that in mind, there is little difference between being a member and a watcher.  If you are not a writer with stories in your gallery, please just watch the group instead.

I'm making this journal because in the past 3 days there have been 17 separate applications from people who are not writers.

I'm not trying to guilt or shame anyone, it's just getting a little out of hand.

So yeah - apply if you're a writer!  If not, just watch the group and enjoy a steady stream of stories from almost every known FMG writer on DA!  If you're a writer who hasn't joined yet, feel free to apply!

Also - if you are a member, please submit some of your stories if you haven't yet.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy all the content to come!
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Group Rules!

Hello, here are the rules for this group:

- All entries must be related to Female Muscle. Stories featuring super strength are also accepted. If your entry does not focus on a girl becoming stronger or a girl who is already strong then this isn't the place for it!
- If you wish to submit art, it must have accompanying text of at least 1000 or more words
- Media such as games are fine IF the game has a significant amount of text and features a strong/muscular woman
- Character biographies are fine if they feature a powerful woman or are a prelude to another biography of said woman powered up
- If your story is a preview / advertisement for a separate paysite, Patreon or e-book, it must have at least 3000 words of content.
- Please only submit a maximum of 3 items a day

That's about it!

Please note: I am not going to place any rules on the ethics of content. If your story is super dark or super light-hearted, that's fine. It's not my role to try to police that kind of thing. As a result, those of you who are watching the group, please keep in mind that there will be a wide variety of content!

Rules for applying for full membership:

- Be a writer of Female Muscle
- Have at least 5 chapters or stories directly related to female muscle in your gallery.

If you wish to become an admin, please send me a note and tell me why you think you're a good fit for the position. (Please note - as of writing this I do not currently need any admins really. If things get more hectic I might!)

Hope you have fun, and hope to see this group start to fill out!











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Bigsebbo81 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Looking for stories with intense biceps workout scenes! 😍 💪
Rebel-Red Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016
I've read an FMG story somewhere around Deviantart that was called 'the goddess' or 'the queen' or something like that. It was just a oneshot I believe. The gist of the plot was that there's this supernatural queen ruling over the land. The story was told from the perspective of a husband in a marriage. The queen comes around to every household once a year to take a tenth of everything they have, from food to money down to lifespan, she just opens her mouth and hoovers it up. And she also fucks his wife (she was a futa or something, I don't remember exactly), making her pregnant. In the end it turns out that all the people in the land descend from her and she uses them to keep herself strong and youthful since they cultivate a smidgen of her power that she then harvests right back.
iceman75 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, it's a story by Mr. Greyman part of 5 short stories in one file, here is the address of it:…
Rebel-Red Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016
cameopro77 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Hey guys I'm looking for a series I started about a woman and her boyfriend who go through a cave an alternate reality where women eat a fruit to become super amazons and men are really weak. The two of them stay with a family while she decides if she wants to drink the juice of the fruit and complete her transformation to a super amazon. Does anyone know what it is called and where I can find it?
Sperics Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ah I know what you're talking about. That would be the LaPorte Caves hands down. It was written by circes-cup and here's the link to the gallery. Alternatively you can find it in the Magic Centered Stories gallery folder of our group.
cameopro77 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
Thanks that's it. I only read the first chapter then brawna went down. Was curious to see where it went.
tj-caris Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Go ahead and delete my sub-gallery here, I'll try to find everything I submitted to remove them.
SavageSylva Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Professional General Artist
Sylva Hardbody by SavageSylva   Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 my comic is based on a muscle human female in an alien planet. I'll send you some pics soon. I have a videogame too about her
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016
That's cool, but please read the rules of this group before applying and submitting content =)
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